my heavy heart

Richelle Otomiya Valentine

I live in a white room these days. It is where I store my peace and keep it there. It has four walls and no ceiling so that I can look into it whenever I want. Outside these four walls stand guard my flock of antelopes. They guard me from things I cannot handle.

What are things I can’t handle?

When I was younger, I used to listen to everyone’s problems. I listened to my parents, my siblings, and my friends. I may have even listened to my nanny’s or my aunts and uncles. I have very little clear memory of growing up but I always found myself in a position of ‘listener’. I love listening, don’t get me wrong. I love helping people and being there for them.

Sometime around senior year high school, I started to change… or I noticed myself change. Continue reading

Poem 92


amitiés dimanche

teas and cupcakes

you’re invited for today,

the coming week,

and for the next infinity.

i’ll pour you one,

to return the gesture,

giving as much as i take.

we’ll laugh, cry, and love.

you may be broken

but we’ve got

tape, glue, and ribbons.

i may become unhappy

but you’ve got

jokes, smiles, and patience.

that’s enough,

more than any of us could ask for.

you may feel lonely

but you’ve got us,

so you’re never alone.

i may pass out

from the stresses and anxieties

but we’ve got booze,


and a bed,

knockout all you want.

we may get lost

here and there, wherever

with no map or guide

but we’ve got your




and dependability.

He left Sundays,

for rest and recuperation.

c. velajune 2016