junesketches has moved

hey, this is Roxanne

the writer and artist behind ‘June
i’ve moved to a new writing space.

I retain the same voice of a someone in search and walking a rough path with the addition of more obstacles and worries.


I also embrace life
as a wandering artist, at least in soul
but maybe physically I’ll roam too.


But mostly, I live my life as a freelance artist and occasional writer with a digital gallery of my latest pieces and a collection of words across different mediums.


And if you’re curious to see the kinds of new work that I do, feel free to check my Insta out.


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creating art

may 2, 2019

a defining read · dealing with depression

To mark my return in video making, I had big plans to reveal my two week trip to Japan but it can’t be helped when plans don’t go exactly the way we want when dealing with depression. This is the normal nature of suffering from a mental block.

personal update

april 30, 2019

expectations · month of may

To better tackle projects lined up, here are my expectations for the month of May. Whether the set goals are accomplished or not is not the important part. Thanks to one of my best friends, I’ve developed habitual planning. She gifted me a planner I set out to use. 

june captures

april 23, 2019

an emptiness

More often than not, when I travel I am nonchalant with excitement brewing in the pits of my stomach but upon return, I am left with an emptiness growing in the back of my mind. Depression then settles within the everyday of my life like an unwanted visitor. 

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