the journey of ‘June’ continues

hey, this is Roxanne, the writer, and artist behind ‘June’
here to tell you that the journey is still going on strong.
I’ve realized my character, but the journey continues on.

Le Voyage

I retain the same voice of a someone in search and walking a rough path with the addition of more obstacles and worries.

June Captures

I also embrace life as a wandering artist, at least in soul but maybe physically I’ll roam too.

Creating Art

But mostly, I live my life as a freelance artist and occasional writer with a digital gallery of my latest pieces and a collection of words across different mediums.

Novel Thoughts

And if you’re curious, about seemingly deep thoughts about the magic all around us, then come along my new journey.

I’m a freelance artist, dabbling in novel and comic writing to expand my horizons.

I can be found sharing what I’ve learned throughout my art journey on my blog and my YouTube channel.

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I create character designs mostly but am branching out designing logos and event invites

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