an end to one journey


Things proceeded as they did and definitely not how I predicted. I thought it was befitting to post one last time here, a post only found here.

I moved. To my own domain.

My writings have found a new home with my art and all things I love to do. Before you click on the image to say farewell to this section of my life, I want to take a moment to appreciate all the things I’ve learned throughout my journey here.

Most of all, I want to be able to carry with me the blogs I love… so I’ll probably spend some time combing through that part of my blog- taking names down and following them with my other account.

I am planning to make my first post either tonight or tomorrow. I’m still not sure how the other site works or if it’ll be like this one (easily accessible to everyone) or if it’ll be different. I’m also looking into Google AdSense because you all know, I need to make the greens to be able to keep doing what I’m passionate about.

Until next time.


honest musing

Would you read my musings still if I moved?

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I’m often afraid.

I’m often afraid that no one reads my ramblings but when the fear subsides, I’m actually relieved to have a platform to rant and get wild.

I am going to learn how to transfer this blog to the site I’m working on because I simply don’t want to rewrite certain posts. I think they’re fine as they are. I’m not really looking to be able to start from 0 so to speak. I only really want to combine my two passions and I find this is the right way to do it.

With that said, I’m looking forward to reading aloud one of my favorite stories I’ve ever written for my next video. I’m hyping myself by writing this post. Haha

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minimalistic changes

You can probably tell, I’m in a blogging mood as I’ve blogged in consecutive days now. I’m really enjoying writing about my life and the “steps”.

Welcome to a new side of my life.

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I’ve become one of those minimalists. Or I strive to be as best I can as an artist, crafter, and writer. Due to these particular passions, I don’t think I can ever be completely free of clutter but it’s always fun to go through my things and see which I no longer need.

Over time my closet has gone from too full that clothes had to be squeezed in, to having more than half the closet empty. I’ve been hacking away at it for about eight months now. I’ve always the decluttering to help with my depression.

Woah, wait! What does this have to do with depression?

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to use my name

Hi, my name is not June.

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Let’s start at the beginning. (excuse the length…)

Since becoming more present in the online community, there has never been a time where I introduced myself as I would in the real world. I grew up with the internet and the idea that it is not at all safe. It’s filled with pedophiles, trolls, bullies, and the list goes on (as do the real world).

Along with my fears also came the researches about what to do with my art and writing that are essentially from opposite spectrums. Most people gave the advice of creating two different personalities due to their experiences. It definitely made a lot of sense to separate my more cutesy, lighthearted art from my dark, often heavy, writing. At the time, there was a lot of logic to keeping the two sides of me separate.

I’m now 26, less than half a year from 27.
And guess what? I am starting to wonder if it was smart to have separated my passions that I now wish to combine. I also developed a nonchalant perspective on the types of people that lurk the internet world (much more so than I have their real-world counterparts but when do we ever really develop a thick enough skin for that). I’ve since also learned to open up, giving people the chance to get to know what makes me the person that I am today which happens to be a combination of my bright and dark side.

Granted, my younger-self had very reasonable doubts and for the longest time, the method of semi-anonymity worked. I was Aira Isane who blogged about the dramas of an angsty teen. I was Vela June or June here documenting my struggles with mental illnesses and also in the world of art. And sometime over a year and a half ago, I became Phil Anne for my more gritty, dark, real-world- everyday life pieces of writing that I one day wanted to publish and felt didn’t coincide well with the artist “JuneSketches”. But overall, these names all belong to one me.

Hi, my name isn’t June nor is it Philomena Anne.
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