Exploring Wonderland

I’ve been on a writing spree lately. I have a good foot on the door for the story I’m currently writing. Every time I look at the drafts, I feel really great and excited that sometimes I can’t sleep.

As the title suggests, the story I’m writing is a 180 twist on Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll. It also has a couple parts picked out from other adaptations like the 2010 movie directed by Tim Burton or the 2009 syfy series Alice. The most exciting parts for me are times when I would allude to previous works and creators.

My novel is titled, My Alice, Sayuri and because I’ve set them in a world I created, the time frame can only be seen through the types of clothes they wear and from the houses they live in. I would say it’s around the 17oos or later, but parts of the history in my novel is based on the War of Roses which was around 1455. I’m thinking of changing the title to just, My Alice. What’s your opinion??

Well, I’ve always been a fan of fairy tales and legends; I just never thought I’d tackleAlice in Wonderland first.

What’s your favorite fairy tale?


& Vela June

One of my favorite series on tv right now is Once Upon A Time in ABC. I’m always at the edge of my seat.


2 thoughts on “Exploring Wonderland

  1. As a fellow fan of fairy tales and legends, I’m definitely supporting you 100%. I can’t wait to see snippits of the novel you’re writing.
    My favourite fairy tale would have to be Little Red Riding Hood – I love to defend the wolf.
    And this post has made me really excited to see more posts from you now. 🙂

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