Remembering memories often hold us back from stepping into the future. I say this because I am often held back by my own memories. Reminiscing about my past is a habit of mine that I developed when I started missing who I was then. I used to think that it was a very normal thing to do, but no matter how normal something is, it doesn’t mean it’s good for you. Thinking about old memories was not making me any more productive than I already was nor did it make me feel any better about myself. On the contrary, I felt less impressed with what I turned out.

Our harshest critic is ourselves. Oh, how true this is. I constantly believe that I have failed the young June, that the girl back then was much better than the June now.

*shrugs* It suddenly did not matter though. The path you take is the path you live with, maybe not for your whole life, but unless you take a turn or detour, that’s the path you live with.

It’s the people around you, the obstacles you’ve gone through and the entire journey that’s build your character. Young June didn’t have half the people older June has today. So, why do I even bother comparing?

Welcome to Vela June’s blog where her aspirations are just beginning to take root.

& Vela June


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