Everything to Nothing

I’ve been working hard on a series I wanted to add into my portfolio and maybe even possibly sell, but I’ve been busy with writing and creating things for my brother that the inspiration I had for the collection just dissipated.

The concept was supposed to be appreciation of self, where the person feels incomplete, but is actually so beautiful or the other may around. The picture to the left is a draft of the idea. The title is Mechanical Angel. There’s no facial expression on her face and the details are yet to be drawn.

It’s mainly on females, but I have a few ideas (I’ll post sketches later) with guys as the main character. The art style leans toward Japanese animation/ anime.

The thing I’m currently busy doing is designing/ drawing drafts of Kingdom Hearts characters and keyblades for my brother’s fanfiction. (I wish I could post the pictures, but I don’t have permission to do that.) I feel pretty bad for him because he can’t enter his story in the contest since we aren’t living in Japan. To defuse the pity I feel for him, I went ahead and drew all out. I’ve been tired of drawing since then.

I’m just really babbling..

If you have a great story about life, mind sharing it with me? Have you gone through any hardships that has turned your life a complete 180 degrees? If so, comment! If not, well, got any advice, quotes, sayings, songs or anything that has motivated you to do something? Anything would be of help.


I just keep asking, don’t I? lol


& Vela June


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