My Journey to Wonderland: 2009 syfy movie, Alice

(warning: There’s a small chance that I’ll be blabbing incoherently through out this post… I’m a bit sleepy… and also because I’ve tried to write this post twice already, but every time I do, I stray. How? I’m excited to write my own… The rewrite is coming to me easier than my first draft ever did. Yay!)

The syfy movie,Alice, written and directed by Nick Willing was loosely based on Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. It focused on a judo sensei named Alice Hamilton, who is in search of her father who disappeared when she was young.

Without revealing the twists of Willing’s story, the story goes through a series of events the original Alice went through except in Wonderland, the Queen of Hearts/ Red Queen, is not only royalty, but also the big time owner of a casino that harnesses human emotions for her own sick plans.

Personally, I found certain parts alluring while other events were too drawn out. Alice made too many speeches, pointing out the morals to the viewers near the end, but I overall thought the idea was great. I really don’t want to reveal any of the story by reviewing it, so I’ll go on to say the things I’d like to allude to when I write my own:

  1. Charlie the White Knight played by Matt Frewer
  2. the emotion drugs
  3. the term “Oyster” for those humans that the casino was testing on
  4. Hatter/ David falls for Alice

The idea that the mad hatter and Alice are lovers was the one thing that caught my attention. I’ve always been a fan of the mad hatter and have thought that he should end up with Alice… even Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter… Speaking of Johnny Depp, I think, he delivered to me the best Mad Hatter eeevvveerrr.

Of course, some of the other things I didn’t mention was me undertaking more characters Carroll wrote, but aren’t often featured in the adaptations. I definitely have the dodo and the lizard that are only mentioned for a short time in the story.

Random thought that I would like to say, the King of Heart’s devotion to his stupid wife was admirable.

& Vela June

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