My new list

I wrote a new list of “to read”. It’s not quite complete- actually it’s far from it, but as for now, it will do.

The link to the list can be found at the top as “List of Reads”.

I’m also creating a “Watching List” where I list movies/ series or anything of the sort that I want to watch. The ones currently listed (like in the List of Reads) are ones I want to watch for research.

This is just a quick update. I’ll be posting aboutPersuasion by Jane Austen later tonight or tomorrow. I will also post a life philosophy/ thought that I’m currently having and the reason why I’ve decided to write about it.

Thanks so much, so far, for those who are following me.

Basically, here’s a list of things to look forward to before this Saturday:

  1. Persuasion review/ thoughts
  2. “Death is Revealed” (the said post about life thoughts)
  3. Pride and Prejudiceice review/ thoughts

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