My Alice; Visit My Wonderland

I’ve been doing a lot of prepping and jotting down ideas for my light novel, My Alice, Sayuri which I have now renamed just My Alice. I’ve taken out the Japanese aspect of the story because many of the setting is inspired by 19th Century England and a bit of the United States. Some of the clothing is probably the only thing that’s inspired by the Japanese which is focused on the ‘army’ aspect of my story. In my story, they are actually called the Royal Mercenaries of the Demons (RMD).


Sir Charles* has seen a great deal of what life has been before and he wrote them like tales from his childhood. Welcome to my Alice and Wonderland. -&vela

*Sir Charles is a character in the story, but is also an allusion to Lewis Carroll.

Peace can only last for so long.

The land of Alices, Wonderland, is thought to hold life and power beyond what science and belief can explain, while their neighboring country, Underland, holds the opposite. Where life should dwell, death lingers. Demons ate one another, striving to live. To escape all such wonders and unders, many have sought to live in a more normal land, the land of humans, Gardenia.

“Times are quite different now, my dear Sen. Demons will lose their power sooner than anticipated, but I will not give up my divine right to rule the entire Wonderland. As Prince of Demons, there is only one path for me to take. I will eat you if I must, but find me your human-born sister, and all that is wrong will be put to right once again.”

History will play a crutial part. Decisions made in the past will haunt them. Love could be the most powerful magic there is, but it is not enough. Everything is put in the hands of a 19 year old, Alice Carroll, the daughter of the celebrated Royal History Curator, Sir Charles Carroll.


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