Poem 02

… This was written for a poetry class I was taking last year. I was coming out of my emotional turmoil (self-inflicted injuries) at the time and this was my attempt to confess, but in an anoynmous way to anyone who was willing to read it. This poem means a lot to me and I wanted to share it. – &velajune

The Truth is in Wine!

She is her wrist.

Acta santorum…
She prayed to believe.

Take a mandrake root,
crush into powder.
The cocaine in her mind,
lingers still.
Measure the belladonna,
Add to the mix.
Carmine in colour,
the bits of pomegranate.
White petaled rose,
snow in nature.
A single feather
Coloured with rust,
with a dash of Valerian-
© 2011 | &velajune

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