Short Story: Caroline Allen’s Scuff Marks

Caroline Allen was a short story I wrote around Summer/Fall of 2011 under the pen name, aira isane, about a woman who loved everything and only hated one thing: hurting someone or anything. This is a snippet of another short story, not really a sequel to Caroline Allen, but close to it. © 2012 | &velajune.

Cara never thought she had a quirk and she did not care for them. Being quirky was not something one bragged about. She was slightly autistic. Just a tiny bit and enough that she grew up ineptly unsociable. Many blamed it on her mother, who walked around with her head buried in a book, but that was normal for Cara. People often discussed her mother behind her back, right in front of her, in secrecy, and in their minds. It was cruel, Cara always told her mother, but like every other time, Caroline still claimed to love everyone.

To read more about Cara, just visit: This is also a ‘baby’ of mine. I’ve only ever released the story about Caroline. To read the rough version of Caroline Allen, it should be the first story above Caroline Allen’s Scuff Marks. Would you like a snippet about Carol too? Well, keep reading.

Magic means a great deal to Caroline. It shaped the way she grew up and still lives. Magic was her life. Now don’t go thinking that she’s a magical creature or holds the power to cast you into oblivion. No, not the magic that she’s grown up with. It’s the kind that comes from the subtle things she’s grown to like. For example, she likes the old lady at the end of the block who smiles at her. She likes how the trees dance as the wind sings. Maybe, that isn’t quite as magical as say, someone casting a spell for the cloudy weather to turn clear, but it is, nevertheless, magic to Caroline.


EDIT: I’ve made it easier to see the content. Just click on the link and it will explain it all.


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