My Alice; Get to Know No.1

The land of Alices, Wonderland is thought to hold life and power beyond what science and belief can explain. © 2012 | &velajune

In Wonderland, the people are called alices, not to be confused with the protagonist, Alice Carroll. Alices are born like gods. They are essentially immortal. There are many ways to lose their immortality or to not have it at all. The number one cause of this loss is to “exit” meaning to leave the premises of the their land. The second and third are rare occassions that occur every two decades or so and these are to be born a human (nonmagical) or a demon (requires you to eat flesh to remain alive).

When “exiting”, alices must create a life source attached to themselves. The life source is usually made out of magical crystals that have magic and life compacted inside. To make a crystal, an Alice must give blood (magic) and create the shape of the crystal by hand (life).

In Gardenia, the land of humans, there is an alice-originated mountain named Amaryllis. Though humans are descendants of alices, they are not considered equal. On the contrary, humans are belittled by alices and demons alike. The capital city Cosmos is also a port city that demons use often. It is also the same port to which the ship Chrysallis, that carried more than 80 humans, and 40 alices during the Looking Glass Wars, docked at.

There are only two known demons to have been cured and returned to their “alice forms” and they are Mister Dum and Miss Dee. The process was dangerous and was promptly shut down. Out of 20 demons, only Mister Dum and Miss Dee survived.

The Royal Family of Wonderland consists of the King of Alices, also known as the White King Anularis Snow and his wife, the White Queen Pinna Snow. They had one son together, who died during the Looking Glass War.

The White King has three trusted Pieces (soldiers) and they are Rook Mister Dum, Bishop Delré and White Knight Frewer Domondo. The White Queen has her own three most trusted as well, Rook Miss Dee, Bishop Sen and Knight Dan T. Locs.

Because of their immortality, an alice or Wonderlandian will look 25 years old or younger. Sen was only 12 when she became Bishop and was often mistaken as Miss Dee’s little sister even though Miss Dee is decades older. Bishop Delré is the only alice known to have aged. He is similar to one Underlandian (demon).

Well, that’s it for getting know a bit about Wonderland. I hope you enjoyed it. Next time, I’ll be talking about Underland and of the characters that live there. Until next time! – &vela


Unrelated Update:

 (The drawing to the side is from zerochan[dot]net and it is a fanart of Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter Series.)

Anyway, I’ve updated my 1000 books to read, both adding and crossing out books. I’ve crossed out the whole Harry Potter Series as I finished a while back and I might continue my Jane Austen marathon for My Alice or re-read The Chronicles of Narnia. I’m not quite sure yet. If you have a book you’d like to recommend to a young reader, feel free to do so. I’m willing to try and read any books.

Next week, my plan is to start sketching my character designs because I’ve finished writing their background and other important details about the characters. I’m just really excited to see them.

You might be wondering, why Luna Lovegood? if not, well I will tell you anyway. She happens to be my MOST favorite character from the Harry Potter series, both in the books and movies. She’s lovable and is relatable, that and the drawing is just beautiful. Don’t you think so? I’d like to credit the artist once I find out who it is… Next time I post a drawing of theirs, I’ll have the credits for sure, and if not, I’ll just keep saying that the art IS NOT MINE and am not in any means distributing it to gain anything. There goes my disclaimer.

P.S. I sometimes hate my twitching mouse pad.


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