My Alice; Get to Know No.2

The land of Demons, Underland, is a country where the strong live and the weak, eaten. It is where life should dwell, yet death lingers. © 2012 | &velajune

Underland is a dark and quite medieval. The creatures that live there are referred to as demons more so than Underlandians for their “demonic” like tendencies. Like alices, demons are immortal. To lose immortality means to die. There is no other way to lose it.

Demons originated from alices who have tainted their crystals/hearts by eating. Just as the word suggests, alices who have eaten their own kind turn into demons. The current population of demons are due to procreation. There is a very rare case where an alice is born a demon. This occurrence happens every two decades or so. To prevent them from endangering other alices, they are either thrown into the wild near the borders of Wonderland and Underland or they are decapitated. The latter happens more often.

In Gardenia, demons are feared and respected. They have an understanding with each other. After the Looking Glass War, the Prince of Demons, Red Harte, declared Cosmos City (the capital/port city) as his second territory. In doing so, the castle belonging to the Gardenian Royal Family, became another home for him where he is always welcome.

There is a rumor that Red Harte is not an actual demon. To be able to tell the difference between alices, demons and humans are through their eyes and teeth. Alices have bright celeste blue eyes, while it is commonly mistaken with the normal blue eyes of a human. Demons have murky sea green eyes that turn bloody red when hungry, but they blend better with the humans despite their protruding fangs. Red Harte lacks the sea green iris, and instead has the airy blue eyes, close to that of a human’s blue eyes.

The Royal Family of Underland consists of the King of Demons, also known as the King of Hearts Cruentus Harte and his wife, the Queen of Hearts Spica Harte. Red Harte is their one and only son.

King Cruentus has three trusted RMDs (Royal Mercenaries of the Demons) and they are No.10 Glennad, No. 09 Sir T. Black, and Jack of Hearts Phillip. Queen Spica has her own three most trusted as well, No.04 Mr. Dumphry, No.03 Sunny and Red Knight (or No.02) Selena.

Red Harte, during the Looking Glass Wars, had two trusted RMDs, No.08 March and No.06 Medi Cloves. After the war, they are renamed as Rook March and Bishop Medi Cloves. Sen White is then added and named as the Knave of Hearts (not to be confused with Jack of Hearts).

Like Wonderlandians, their immortality hides their real age, but Underlandians don’t live for a long time due to the fact that they could be eaten at any time.

Well, that’s it for getting know a bit about Underland. I hope you enjoyed it. Next time, I’ll be talking more in detail about the RMD (Royal Mercenaries of the Demons), Pieces, and the other names used for the armies, etc. I’ll also be giving definitions for certain terms. Until next time! – &vela


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