Poem 09

This Girl and That Boy

Oh pleasant girl
smiling before me,
where did the times go
and where did
the hurt run off to?

Kind boy,
do you keep track
of how many days have passed by?
Do you ever wish to take it back,
the words you have said?

Oh pleasant girl
laughing all the time,
when did it change like so
and what did
you do to the happy days?

Smiling boy,
have you ever wondered
of what we could have been?
Do you think of me as erred
for asking you such things?

Oh pleasant girl
who’s bubbly all the time,
do you even remember
and when did
you forget the feelings?

Blind boy,
will you realize soon
that my words were far from rash?
Will you turn back to June
Before we ever parted?

Oh pleasant girl
with brilliantly lit eyes,
how did it happen so
and who did
your memories hide from?

© 2011 – 2012 | &velajune


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