Art Institute: Building My Portfolio

Basically, I’ve applied to AI and I have to build/ put together a portfolio. My portfolio needs to have 5 observational/ life drawings and 5 pages from my sketchbook(s) OR, in lieu of a standard portfolio, I may prepare a portfolio completing six exercises: (Summarized)

1. 3-5 Still Life drawings with the consideration of line and tone.

2. free-hand drawing of one corner of a room in my home with at least pieces of furniture.

3. create self-portrait (any medium)

4. using a person or photograph, draw what I see.

5. using “nature” or “city” as a theme, create a collage by tearing images from a magazine and pasting them on a sheet of paper.

6. Visually interpret and express the word “connection” using any medium.


I’m for doing option one and just looking through some old stuff. Visit this site to see what I think I should put:  and tell me what you think about it via message here or at tumblr or email me at

The password is: mywandcore


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