Poem 11



They told me it was a sin to watch you breathe, to wait for you turn around, but I did so anyway without anyone’s approval.

You dressed just the way I expected, jeans too skinny even for myself, shirt too big for you. You did everything I wished you hadn’t done. You walked around arrogantly surrounded by people I didn’t like… people I couldn’t get along with.

There was an air about you that I learned to like. You smoked. You were addicted to harsh things. You were the kind of guy I could never touch, and I the girl you could never have.

We come from two different worlds united and torn by society. You live day to day while I plan my future. You are spontaneous while I live strictly. You were the bad boy that the good girl could not keep her eyes off of.

I am that girl.

You surrounded yourself with things that I could never accept. You breathe like life was nothing. There isn’t anything about you that’s good for me, but I keep my eyes fixated on you.

They tell me there’s nothing there for me, that all you are is what I already know. You strut. You smirk. You keep to yourself like no one could ever be good enough… but you look across the street to where I am. You keep your eyes cast down, but they locate me the same way I have kept mine on you.

You look to me for answers about the world I live in, but the truth is, you know more about me than I know myself.



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