Poem 13

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 Just a Little

I’ve spent all my days thinking,

how much better I could make  myself,

even if just a little

I was thinner.

There’s a mirror in the bathroom,

screaming at my hollow face,

and I start wishing,

even if just a little,

I was prettier.

All these girls with talents,

with heights of 6 and 7,

walking around with nothing to fear.

Even just a little,

give what they have to me.

People who surround me,

act with an air about them,

and I can’t help, but want

even if just a little,

to be wiser.

And I stare and stare

at my own reflection.

I keep thinking,

I keep wishing,

I keep dreaming,

even just little,

I wanted to be stronger.

inspired by Maria Mena’s Just A Little Bit.

God has made us with the thought of love. We may not be perfect in our eyes, but we are wanted just the way we are by people who love us just the same as the love God made us with. And you may not believe in God, but God believes in you. So, if even just a little, let’s be stronger and fight what society has taught us. Beauty is not just skinny. Beauty is not just tall. Beauty is not just being wise. We can envy others all that we want, but all that will be left is nothing but sadness for yourself. Even just a little, let us be stronger because beauty is all of who you are.


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