Poem 15

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Here’s the truth about those lies he’s told her.


She’s got him captured.

There’s no way of escaping her kind gazes.

Those brown eyes just never relent and let go.

She’s got him at the palms of her hands,

But he’s not bulking down.

He won’t let her hold him so easily.

He’s got her pleading on her knees,

wishing for the things that only he could give.

Her perfume lingers in his thoughts,

while her name, engraved in his heart.

There’s no way of running.

He’s the willing victim

of the love that only she could provide.


Don’t even think about trying.

There’s no reason I can give and let…

I’m merely a simple boy

while you’re so high up.

I’ve got you on a pedestal,

and you know that’s the right thing.

Don’t go tainting yourself,

by yearning.

Don’t go turning your blood black

for something that’s not worth

the time.

Just go and give me no reason to follow.



Let’s come clean.


I’ve dreamt of the days you’d hold my hand.

Only reaching so many inches my way,

but you won’t let me see

the softer side of you.

You’ve got to be the bad boy

and you insist that I’m an angel.

I can see the way you look at me.

You’ve got yourself restrained.

But fuck it all.

Let’s come clean.


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