Story: Bus Ride; Chapter 1 Yes

by Vela June

It was that type of morning again: the sun shone through the cracks of the blinds, a roommate who snored so loudly that waking up at 6AM was made easy, and parents who clanged and shouted thinking they were whispering to each other. It was a loud and obnoxious morning which meant, another day had dawned once again.

The girl on the opposite bed of the snoring roommate brushed her brunette bangs back, still on her back and eyes closed. She gave a heavy sigh worthy of the saying, “If one keeps sighing without real reason, he/she will surely draw sorrow. “As she breathed out, her sister on the adjacent bed twisted and turned until finally opening her eyes. Both brown eyes met each other in surprise.

Her sister grumbled something inaudible and went back to sleep. Moments later, her mother cracked the door open and peered in just to see her blankly staring back.

“Are you going to walk Milly?”

Milly was their seven year old dog that her dad usually walked at 7AM in the morning. It was his chore. She grumbled an indefinite yes before turning and falling back to sleep. Her sister seized to snore.

Ring Ring Ring. Incessant alarms never did the job right.

“Robin, your alarm!”

Robin stirred and tried to cop around for her phone that personally she couldn’t hear. The cold back of her phone sent shivers first on the tips of her fingers then slowly running through her body. She gave out a huff and turned her phone off. It was now 7AM.
In a very snail-like fashion, she left her warm and comfortable bed to finally get ready for another school day. She walked Milly, showered, got dressed, helped her second eldest sister prepare breakfast for her two other siblings, fixed her belongings, and washed Milly. By the time she was able to sit on the breakfast bar of their kitchen, it was already 8AM and leaving her thirty minutes to eat, brush her teeth and recollect herself. Which, in all honesty, was not enough time.
It was another manic Monday.

7AM; Again.
She felt around for her phone for the first time that day and turned it off before it rang. It was a useless invention when opposed with her. She turned to face her still sleeping sister and slowly, but surely, got up, got ready and minded her own business.

She refused to answer his brother’s antics and kept to herself while she ate breakfast. When she slipped herself through the small space to get to the open door of the front passenger seat, her bag slight caught itself on a stray object. She pulled, too lazy to check and let it fall with a soft clang. She’ll fix it when she gets home later at 5PM.

Her second eldest sister drove her and her brother to their respective stops. Without a word other than a simple thank you, she trudged on to school with a frown slightly forming on her face.

When Wednesday rolled in, Robin felt drained of all her energy and motivation. Tuesday had not been very friendly to her and she didn’t expect much with Wednesday. She despised Wednesday. It was a personal vendetta. Being the fourth day of the week, it was also mid-week which meant, she was mid-way to insanity and couldn’t wait for Friday to come. Friday meant no school, no bus, no disgusting smell from people in the bus and no waking up at 7 in the freaking morning.

But it was still Wednesday and she was still half crazy. She carried her large drawing board and thick drawing pad to school, riding the bus with that skeptical look about her face. Wednesday would soon come to pass.

Robin stared at the calendar hanging on the wall beside her bed. Thursday. 7AM. It was another school day and thankfully, the last of the week.

To be continued…

author’s note: This is my writing for the night. I just purposely stopped myself from writing anymore than that. Not so much a cliffhanger, but I think it’s good to end it there. Don’t forget to tell me what you think!


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