Music: Fridays nights are good for blasting music

Right now, I’m stuck on a few ideas that I’m putting on paper. I’m writing a fanfiction that’s been on hold for about a year now. It’s a Harry Potter fanfiction, but I don’t want to delve on the plot and such. What I’m here for is to share to you guys the two main songs I’m inspired by and the other two are current adds.


1. B2ST – How To Love (Kpop)

2. Demi Lovato – In Case

3. Ellie Goulding – I Know You Care

I found this song through a fanfiction (also an HP fanfiction which was by Attica)(I’m like totally obsessed with her writing, just saying) that I love and after listening to it, I fell in love with the song too. The music video became a bonus, along with the movie that it’s actually for and that it’s Dakota Fanning. Haha, but honestly, the song means differently to me. Another good song with a similar plot is Without You by AJ Rafael, go check it out. It’s really great. It’s a favorite of mine.

4. Matt Hires – Forever

What are the kinds of songs you listen to for inspiration?


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