Movie: Elsa, the Ice Queen from Frozen


In all honesty, I love the movie Frozen, but I also wish it was different. I went to watch the movie because I have siblings of my own and wanted to relate to the movie, but then they had Hans and Kristoff (who is lovable, don’t get me wrong). They took away some of that important siblinghood that I was looking forward to.

I even watched it with my sister and brother because I wanted to bond with them through the movie.

Now, I also know there’s been a lot of complains about the movie on Tumblr and other social networks, so I won’t rant much about it.

Basically, I’m a little disappointed. The bond between Elsa and Anna were built through a montage:


And then, you get your heartbroken. The montage did a REALLY great job with building their relationship, I have to say. I was thoroughly heartbroken and crying. I’m a sucker for things like that, but then you get some of the funny (but also stupid things) about Anna.

I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone, so no details.

I wish, there was more Elsa and Anna and the building of their characters. Even though, I think that, I still love the movie very very much. Elsa’s character is the reason why I was even excited about the movie, but WHERE WAS ELSA? I wanted to see her character grow, not see moments of her growing. I have a lot of complaints, but please remember, the film was still great and the animation is splendid. I’ve seen the errors people have pointed out and honestly, first hand experience, animating is difficult and not all things can be caught. Just saying.

So, if you haven’t, go and watch it because you won’t regret it.




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