Poem 33

We cannot admit this truth

the choices of our childhood years

reflected so well towards you

and you took it so willingly

that we had almost forgotten

how untrue that was

for our success,

our self truth

belonged only to ourselves and none other


we did not force upon you

the job that you are now stuck with

rather, we have forced you

time and time again, to let it all go

because no matter how lonely

days became

your presence never mended

the pain, never wiped the tears

and never even gave us

that slight comfort every child



and in all harsh honesty

we are loneliest under the shade of your

overbearing shadow

that always blocked the sunlight



we are pale children,

without nourishment or care

where blood is thinner

than the waters of the seas

and cold

we are cold

from the deep well

that you pushed us into

forcing us to tug at the string,

depending solely

on only you


and the echoes of our shouts

can only be heard by each other,

the truth that we refuse to acknowledge

in fear of something just as equally



broken and battered families

have it worse,

we remind ourselves

that at least

just a bit about being complete

has its upside



and every day

we remind ourselves


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