Poem 34


you told me i could be anything i wanted to be,
and with those words, i started to dream
the biggest dreams i’ll ever get to have,
but you reminded me each and every time
that i should never over step my privelages
because society has created all these presumptions
never truly meaning to break them.

so, i dreamed less than i could have
and took what someone else thought of
because i thought since she was older
she would know what she could
and couldn’t have as a girl.
you said i had the talent
to reach even what she couldn’t
and that i have passion and skill and
you said things you never meant
to bring my spirits up
only to bring me back around
to remind me where i truly belong.

so, i felt lesser than i am
and fell so softly down the podium
because i’ve never truly been on top
as i was always pulled away,
as if my own self-esteem
didn’t belong to me, but someone else.

i was yours.


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