Poem 50

to the girl who let go:

1. i cried in your stead
when you couldn’t find it in yourself
to shed the tears
that clawed at your fragile heart
and let the blade run through
my thinning stature
at the times you were too afraid
to place it down
for he had made you believe,
told you
various things that affirmed

2. his love,
equating it to the millions of stars
that light the night sky
and that his feelings
would no sooner
die before the sun
runs out of time.

i know he gave you reasons
to stay by his side
because she not only owed her future
but also her heart
to the saviour of her life.

3. he was the Superman, Clark Kent
to your Lois Lane
because you were a damsel in distress
that needed rescuing from herself.

4. the lines carved onto your own wrists
was a timeline
reflecting the time you’d wasted
and the bandages were there
to remind you
of the times savored and healed.

5. i still remember
how broken you looked that day
he chose her over you,
how he’d slap me across the face
and how he blamed me
for the things that he had done.

not only once,
but twice.

6. and yet i’ve come to hate the memory of you
running from where
you properly belonged, with him
in his arms
because i don’t remember how hurtful his words had been.

i only remember the smiles,
the sharing of brown m&ms
and the call of an older brother
i could never truly have.

i only know your laughter
over your crying
and the happiness you bragged about
day to day,
the only news i ever looked forward to
during the gloomiest of days.

7. i only have you to blame
for all the painful memories
that haunt me in my dreams.

8. because i actually believed in true love-
that it exists beyond

9. to the girl who let go,
where are you now?


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