self promotion

I’ve been having a lot of unused free time in my hands lately. You know me, I’m never sure how to be truly productive. Sometimes though, a good way to spend those free times is to bury myself in writing. It’s relaxing and has nothing to do with my major which is a definite plus! Well, writing stories in general does play a part in my major, but not all the time. So, I’ll let this one slide.

It’s not a hobby or anything like that. More like finally pursuing a dream I’ve put off just as long as I’ve put off fine arts.

Anyway, I’m writing a story, a story I created back in high school to cope with all the growing up, the missing childhood and the transition from youth to adulthood. There’s a bit of identity and soul searching here and there as well. Lots of love of both good and bad, the happy moments and the painful ones.


I’ll be posting the story on tumblr as I want it to be separate entity from my blogging- sometimes nonsensical rantings.

Check it out: Bleu Clair Belle (tumblr name, not the story itself)

I have already a Promotional Post and also, on the sidebar is a bit of a giveaway.

It’ll update monthly and will also include photos or drawings. It’s my take on “Light Novel” which is used in the Manga world.

If you like me or my writings, please check it out. I’ll be posting the new chapter around next month.


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