self promotion – this time around, the prologue

so i’ve posted the prologue of my novel/story This Time Around on my tumble: Bleu Claire Belle. here is an excerpt.


Caps and gowns painted the red bricked ground and cemented floors from the clear spring sky above. Whispers filled the air and drowned the chirping of birds and the rustling of trees at every breeze. All were in celebration of the end of an era and a start of a new journey. Tears of both joy and sadness covered a number of faces while others laughed and comforted the other. It was the day that marked their last and their first.

Waiting under an off white gazebo were two girls dressed formally in white lacy dresses for the occasion with their caps and gowns hanging on the railing. The ivy running along the pillars were lush green and the flowers a soft lavender.


to read more visit Bleu Claire Belle


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