Poem 55



do you expose yourself

to the hurt and the expected tears

you inflicted

and when

is the right time

to reveal the scary truth.

I’m so tired

of being defiant

and so sorry for being the way that I am.


I could be a lost cause

and maybe

I’m not at all.

Let me say that I’m not,

and chances are

you won’t give up.

You’ll cry

and maybe shout.

You’ll bring me to places

like the church

or your car

where you feel at ease

and in control

to tell me,

if I needed help,

any kind at all,

I have people I can run to.

And I do run

to them, but you

don’t want to listen anymore.


do I go on

with the life you

wrote for me

and when

can I take it back from



c. 2014


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