Another Project, yeah…

It’s supposed to be “Inktober” so for the last week of October next week (not including the remainder of this week), I’ll be busting out some inked art. Also, since I missed out on doing a one-a-day, I’ll do a whole series instead. That’s 15 to 20 drawings or about 4 a day maximum. Kay? Someone hold me to this… Lol I need to stop starting things and actually finishing them!!!

Also, some updates on others things that I did start before:

I had to hold back in self-publishing because I decided to change the theme at the last minute which meant that I had to rethink the arrangement of my poems and artwork and also if I should add or take stuff out. I have yet to finish it because school is taking priority for me at the moment.

My online novel/ story also took a hit because of stress from school. I took out the prologue… if any of you noticed. Lol. But no worries, I am redrafting my chapter one so that rather than needing that prologue, I can just start off the bat with chapter one. I’m looking forward to it because the more I redraft the story, the better I am at finding the voice.

A new new project!

Ce Sont les Contes (These Were the Tales) which also happens to be the working title a long time ago of my chapbook. This one is also sort of like a novel but there isn’t a real plot to it. It’s just all about the characters and the setting. It’s a project that I’ll be making into a picture book in the future.

So yes, I am working on a children’s book at the moment. My sister wrote the story and I am the artist. This plus Ce Sont les Contes will be my biggest projects because I realized, I have quite an interest and joy in illustration. I will be releasing some of the digital art later this year (around beginning of winter as it’s already late of October as mentioned before).

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