Voting, Feminism and Being You

I’m sure you’re all aware that it’s that time again for voting. Please vote if you are able to. Inform yourself and then vote. I don’t have the luxury to do so at the moment, but I will. Soon, I hope. Help make the changes you seek for.

Anyway, while I was scrolling down my Facebook wall, I came across an article about a TV person, Chelsea Handler. Story short, she posted an Instagram photo of herself, half naked from the waist up right beside a photo of Vladimir Putin. And after a battle with Instagram about her rights to post whatever she wants, she quits in the name of freedom of speech and for her right to advocate for #FreeTheNipple, a movement for equality.

Needless to say, the article is subtly biased against the movement or at least against Handler.

Because I do condone it, I will post the picture.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a child or not. I feel that the more things we find different with each other, the more there is of bullying and discrimination/ prejudice. So, here it is.



I wouldn’t be seen doing this, but I’m all for those who are profoundly and actively voicing out their beliefs. Besides, as an artist, I find her picture tasteful. The added flower field is also an added beautification.

And I just think people truly misunderstand true feminism, mistaking it for those other things claiming to be feminism- like I spoke of before.

Why are people offended by her photo or the movement? I don’t understand. Why is it wrong to seek equality for all, not just women because feminism is not just a movement for women, but for all.

We all should have a voice.

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