Ce Sont les Contes de Magie Mordu

NaNoWriMo has been upon us since November 1. Lol.

I’m currently writing a story about life, magic, wishes and dreams that we sometimes believe can never come true. The story is about things I’ve experience and seen myself. It’s about love, family, duty and truth. It’s about the dreams we make real and wishes that remain in our hearts, never to be heard.  Here is an excerpt, not necessarily from the story itself. It is said by one of the main characters in the story.

I hope you enjoy.

Fun fact, Marvelous Margeaux is a character from this story as well.

edited. This is also the same story in which I’ll be incorporating all my fairytale adaptations like My Alice. Magie Mordu, if my plan pans out, is going to a series of children’s books. I suppose. So, I really hope I can finish this project.

PicMonkey Collage-2

The stars always aligned during their visit to town.

They told me stories of how he made them appear out of thin air or how she waited for everyone to come in before dancing under the twinkling of stars. They made it seem like such a dream, being there and seeing it. I was made to believe that everything was possible, but only as long as I stayed within.

So I did. I stayed there.

I danced.

I learned.

I turned away from the reality that I lived in and decided strongly on making other people’s dreams become reality. I made their dreams a reality.

But never did I regret leaving it all behind for I found the wishes of my silent heart through the years spent in solitary with everyone. I found memories that I fear to ever forget.

I fell in love.

And she was my wish, my dream that lasted me my lifetime on Earth.



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