Poem 59




He must have loved her,
quite like how the world orbited around the sun.
And she loved him
just as much or even more
if love could be measured so easily.
He would hold her
as if she could vanish
with the blink of the eyes
and she, well, she held tightly back,
her back straight
and smile so big and true.
So, it was as much as a surprise
to him
as it was to her
when love no longer held them close.

He must have loved her,
that quirky smile and loud laugh
and she loved him
even his array of ties and one pair of glasses
because it really did arrive
at such a strange time,
the falling out of love and the mutual
of never being in love
the same way

c. 2014

Very loosely inspired by Stephen Hawking and the new movie The Theory of Everything.


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