Saturday Shares: Spreading a Message

So, today is Saturday for me. It’s around 9AM.

I actually woke up pretty early today because of a trick my brother told me about. (Not a prank, but a way to enable myself to wake up refresh without having slept 8 hours). Anyway, speaking about my brother. He’s been doing a lot of new things lately and if you remember, I talked about him stopping college for a while. Here’s what he’s doing with his life right now.


Pretty much, he’s starting his Youtube life and pursuing the different aspects of himself, his talents through this. I find his videos very entertaining and I play a hand sometimes in the making of them. I give a lot of my input as to what sounds right or wrong. My favorite video so far is called, The Song of Thingies.


But the reason I’m sharing his projects today is because he recently came up with a new series that I think, throughout the way, will really grow into something more than what his other content has shown. It has a message for the new generation and the old.


Enjoy and if you liked it, please show some support and like his videos! Check others out. He also talks about other youtubers and other things he likes. I’m sure you will enjoy others if you enjoyed this!


7 thoughts on “Saturday Shares: Spreading a Message

  1. I is young am concerned about this young man. I like his work and it is a motivator but he implies or I inferred that he will kill himself in a matter of days if he doesn’t find his friend. I will fervently pray that I am incorrect. O I will support his work.

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