Poem 64

Dear Aya,
Here’s another Dear letter:
This is a compilation of 5 years
and days of fearing of remembering
how you changed my life, definitely
for the better.
If tears could bring you back,
I’d cry buckets full to see your smile,
to hear you tell me
how great of a person you believe me to be.
Happy Valentines Day
Happy Lunar Year
Happy Birthday
I wish, I could say this all to you
without standing in the center
of the field filled with headstones
and bouquets of flowers.
Do you remember
when I used to say
you were my role model, my hero
even though I was sixteen
and you nine.

Damn, happy birthday.
Curse the world that took you.

“If I get to heaven,
I know I’ll be alright.”
I’ve made it this far
because I couldn’t let you go,
couldn’t let February pass me by
without writing you this letter,
without you by my side
this new year.
The scars that line my heart,
you stitch them up
with old philosophies
and encouraging words
that I couldn’t ever forget
even if my memories fade.
I dare not let it go.

Happy Birthday my dear little Aya.
Blessed is your new home.


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