Poem 68

Bitch (a rant)

you never thought that there would be a day that letting go would be forced down your throat and that you were required to, otherwise, you just seem like a real bitch who doesn’t have boundaries, but you do, which is why the debate is ever more difficult.

then you’re forced to analyze yourself and your relativity in that situation only to realize how insignificant you are in the decisions that have been made making you feel like an even bigger bitch for despising your position and predicament.

you don’t want to steal- how awful of you think that you could even, like a real bitch, win just because you want to- but you definitely don’t like the feeling of having lost something that was never yours to begin with just like that saying says.

it’s all good though because no one knows any better except for yourself because after all, you kept everything locked away in fear of losing and of being noticed too much, that you failed to consider how great you are, and that maybe, you could have, but you didn’t and now you just sound like a real bitch.


image from wikihow


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