Poem 72


(Artist is in link… or should be.)

The Cosmic II  (Shooting Star)

Listless are the stars that dance in the dark. They lay the brilliant path of golden stardusts that a million men have come across. There are signs that lead the way. You only need to seek them to see them.

They are bright, so brilliantly bright.

The dazzling twinkling dots placed upon the sky, they are where they should be. And it is okay to fall in love.

I’m in love again.

The music blasts in the ears. And dancing is made easy. It’s like being whisked off the feet, twirled, and lifted off the burdens. Getting lost is a must.

It’s as sure as the sun and moon’s ritual of yin and yang.

It is easy to get lost in the brilliancy.
It is as it should be.

Beautiful in all its glory and fleeting in its beauty.
Shooting stars.



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