talking it out


As of recently, I’ve found a community that focuses a lot on things that I’ve been having trouble with.

Some people understand. Others pretend to understand. I learned, from being both a speaker and a listener how thin that line can get. Even though I’ve been through tough situations for me, it never really means I can understand another person going through a tough situation for them.

My experience with the people in that community has been all over the place. Some people will listen. Others will try to give force you their point of view. And there will be a few who will make you feel wrong all over again.

Strangers can only understand so much with what you give them.

For a while, I’ve been hesitating to tell my friends my situation or how I truly have been feeling, but after my experience over the weekend I am more likely to open up to them than continue to use the site. They know me, my situation, and they understand already. I know them, their situation, and I understand already. It won’t just be questions throwing back my own words. It won’t just be someone forcing me to get over something.

Truth be told, I only had one real good conversation in that site. Grandfather’s conversation in the comment section on a different post was more helpful to me than the other chats I’ve had.

They don’t have to take my side. They just need to not take a side to begin with.

I find the forum to be helpful though. Rather than ‘Listeners’ you have ‘real’ people trying to connect with you with their own stories which is a lot better actually. I thought I needed someone to listen to me talk endlessly, but what I needed was a support system. Of course, it’s still nice for someone to hear my story- whole story- but it’s not always necessary. It’s nice having people relate to you and find their own courage to confess their troubles to you too.

Here is a link if you’d like to check it out! 


6 thoughts on “talking it out

  1. The best step you’ve taken is wanting to get through it. In M Scott Peck’s The Road Less Traveled that was key to anyone getting through. They had to want too… The healing takes place from inside …

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