Moving Monday 01

This video seriously moved me and I wanted to share with my readers because it’s such an important lesson. Wherever we are in life, we shouldn’t be afraid or obnoxious about our blessings. We should help those that we can because that person that we’re helping could be the cure to something devastating to a distant future. I’m not just talking about self-reassurance. Our help can trigger a chain of great good events.

One good act can lead to numerous.

For me, I’ve experienced quite a few events where I’ve had to make choices that questioned whether I had the right morals.

There was this incident about 2-3 years ago. I had gone to Koreatown with a group of friends. We were just strolling around. On our way back to the car, we all spotted this old man trying to cross the street. (I think, I’ve told this story before.) At one point, I’m sure all of use were just going to walk away, but I stopped walking because I wasn’t sure if he’d make it. I needed to be sure.

So I waited and fell behind.

One of my friends noticed and they too stopped walking. They asked me if I was worried. I said yes. We all agreed that we were all worried for the old man. So, the guy friend we had walked over the curb to escort the old man crossing the street; he was jay-walking too which made us all the more nervous.

Turned out, he was lost and he wasn’t very good with his English.

At the point, we were all pretty much decided on helping him out.

That day has been one of the highlights of my life because I wasn’t thinking about myself and how I would look to others. I was so lost in the thought of him and his safety that nothing else mattered. It didn’t matter that it was blaring hot and I was burning. It didn’t matter that we didn’t have water for ourselves as long as he got to drink. I felt good about who I was after.

I’ve never given up something without thinking about what I could get in return. That was new to me. And it felt really good.

I’ve always had difficulties voicing out wanting to help others. I always get into arguments about homeless people with my family and how for some, it’s not necessarily a choice.

One day, around the time of Veteran’s Day, my sister and I drove to ¬†Target. There at the front was a blind homeless veteran looking to eat. I hadn’t noticed him. My sister, she’s always been negative about the homeless. She doesn’t care much for them, but I think I got through to her at some point. She mentioned it to me and we bought him lunch. I was proud of her that day.

But ever since then, I’ve been hesitant about my opinion on helping others. I’ve been having so many problems with being financially sound. Consequently, I’ve been hesitant to give money- small change to anyone who asks.

The video reminded me of what I originally believed in.

I’m slowly finding myself again. It’s good to know, there’s still this part of me that exists within all the turmoil.


One thought on “Moving Monday 01

  1. Giving is more a matter of heart than it is about the pocket. Check out the blog Restart Urgently Needed – Becky is / was a refugee from the war in Bosnia, her stories a testament to the human spirit. Giving comes in many form … Love this video, could watch it again and again …

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