Poem 83

tawnie 002

When 24 Comes

I imagine a world different from today, where the sun shines bright even on rainy days. I’ll dance to the music that plays and cry only when watching movies.

When I turn 24, there’ll be a lilt in the way that I walk, a gleam in my smile, and a whole new book to fill with chapters of my renewed life.

There are days of dreaming of nothing and of dreaming of you. They’ll be good times and never of us having to succumb to the realities. I’ll love you even if it’s only when my eyes are closed, my mind unconscious, and your face undefined.

It’ll be alright, wherever I’m standing and walking my path.

There will be brushes soaked in soapy water on the counter of my bathroom sink, blank canvases to be painted on, and a room filled with all the things I love, and will love.

I’ll know, always, how alone I’m not. Beside me are the greatest people to grace my life.

They will be there like they always have. I won’t let them go through the storms like I am now. There will be sunshine, and raindrops, but never thunders, and lighting, and hurricanes.

When 24 comes, it’ll be good and right.


velajune 2015

the yellow side.


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