three part post. part two.

So here’s that promised three part post, part two.

Let me just talk about what really happened.

Back in January, during a thunderstorm, some random guy came knocking at our door at 1AM. You have to understand, my house is located inside a semi-secured area and is pretty far off from the gate entrance. You have to seriously bee-line for my front door. So, when the loud booming voice of some 30-50 year old man, I was scared to death.

My whole family was shaken. Even my dog.

And for a long time, even now, my house scares me because I can hear his voice so clearly in my head. 30 minutes of continuous banging and shouting tends to do that.

My room was the worst place because it faces out into the street. (The town homes on my street are weirdly shaped.) My room also was the only room with a light on that night. So, my over-reacting mind wonders even now, what if someone knew I lived there? I know it’s ridiculous and I’m not as scared as I was before, but the world is such an unpredictable and scary place.

He didn’t come in- break in, but it felt like he had. The 30 minutes of loud noises from his voice, from the rain, and from the thunder, was traumatizing.

I think, knowing me from my writings, it’s obvious to say, I’ve also thought about: “What if he was simply looking for shelter?” But the logical me still thought, well, why only our house? Why wait out in the rain, when there’s a perfectly roofed patio right next door? Why? And even if my room had been the only one with a light on, my front door still isn’t the right-away target. My room sits directly on top of my neighbor’s house.

Am I giving away too much about my home? Lol

Well, I hope that if this happens again, my heart won’t fail me by simply crying.


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