Movie Night #6

Let’s discuss An Invisible Sign starring Jessica Alba, Chris Messina, Sonia Braga, J.K. Simmons, John Shea, Sophie Nyweide, and Baliee Madison as young Jessica Alba.

Definitely love Baliee Madison; she’s such a great young actress. I always enjoy watching her.

For this movie, it was a lot to do with family and how family affects a person. It’s different for everyone. I think, for me, my family was like Mona’s dad. They’d rather see you crippled, lacking of everything you love, as long as everyone’s okay. Whereas, we have Lisa’s mom, who’d do anything for her daughter despite having to battle through cancer herself.

People are different definitely. I’m not saying my family is evil or bad. It’s just sometimes, I feel a lot of what they see are shortsighted rather than what they really want, which is long lasting. Be okay today, worry about tomorrow. In some aspects of our lives, that is seen as a good thing! But when you have to give up who you are so that ‘we’ can be okay today, then the more that you continue to do that for every today, then there is not tomorrow.

I hope that made sense.

Anyway, I hope you check out this film. It’s a pretty old one. It came out 2010. You can definitely find this on Netflix!


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