A bit about where I am…

JuneSketches on YouTube.

I don’t have any videos up right now, since I recently procured myself an Adobe Premiere Pro to edit my videos via the 30 day trial because sadly, I haven’t gotten a job yet. I’m still staying hopeful though, and applying wherever I can. Please someone hire me. Hehe.

Even though I haven’t gotten a day job, I have been able to move forward with my art endeavors. So yay! YouTube is just one of the many things I’m planning out for myself. I’m currently building my shoppe at Etsy. I still have quite a few things to straighten out though before I can start selling.

Other than that, I really look forward to putting out my work there some more. So exciting to be actually going somewhere with my life now! I feel so wonderful and simply happy where I am in my life despite the loan that I have to worry about (and other things in life that sometimes pull me back).

Like always, I appreciate the support and look forward to sharing the good things in my life with the people I’ve shared the worst of times with before. Thank you!


Aside from my art, I’ve been doing Yoga, Tai Chi, and an added meditation time as if the first two didn’t already implement it! Lol

I’ve just been on a health kick- exercise wise because I’m looking forward to eating a lot more food. Heh. Also because I’ve had the slight heart murmurs and close encounters, and frankly am just tired of not being able to be a young girl in her 20’s.

As for my flowers, they’re all pretty much dead. 😦 And ready to be stored for the next season, but I haven’t gotten to cutting their dead leaves. I promise to be kinder to them and do all that stuff this weekend.

Oh, and going back to the health kick, it’s been really good for me. I’ve been drinking the right amount water, I don’t have aching wrists as often anymore when I concentrate on my art or typing up anything I need to type. Just, a lot of things have changed for me this past week because of the commitment I’ve been able to keep up with. My online presence has dwindled also  because of this. I’m sort of unable to reply to personal messages from online friends that I met through the Harry Potter forum. I mean, there’s always a give and take. That’s normal. I am looking forward to a more regular schedule once all my art things aren’t in hyper mode! So, I am looking to write more poetry later on. Hopefully, nothing angsty or overall negative seeing as how positive my life has been as of late.

*thumbs up*

But yeah, I still have other things scheduled to pop here and there because yay me, is able to at least keep up with self-love and continuing to share what I’ve been learning through my journey. So yeah. I have tons of stories to tell. I promise. ^^

To end my spiel. Here’s my logo!



4 thoughts on “A bit about where I am…

  1. Love it! Wow! You seem to have taken the reins of your life, like you know your destiny is in your hands not anyone else’s… I love Tai Chi and Chi Gong, so good for your body, there is even a move for the wrists to relieve that creative pain, it’s a slow rotation of the hand at the wrist with arms extended. Ask around, someone will know and show you. There is an open source image editor that does everything Adobe does, and just as hard to learn (I don’t like Adobe). I’m typing this on my iPad, so when I find the open source tools I’ll send the link. Keep going as far as work goes, after every interview go back to your PC and start sending more resumes. Don’t ever let down, or allow yourself to be depressed by lack of responses. It’s a different world today, you’ll get hired when you least expect it ! Happy Valentine’s Day!

    • Always, thank you for keeping up with me. I think, your comments helped me get to where I am in such a short amount of time. Very thankful for that. And the choices that I have made for myself, like joining communities that share similar journeys/obstacles and being more open has really helped push growth for me.

      Yes, I know that one stretch/move for the wrists. I love it! I totally agree that it’s good for your body. Just a week of it has been really good for me. I look forward to more Tai Chi in my life. 😀

      As for the GIMP, from your other comment, I have actually been trying to learn it. Since I am Photoshop learned, it’s tougher to not compare, and treat it as it’s own thing. I mean, I should learn it from the beginning, but I have the Photoshop mentality that I’m battling. Lol But I will learn it!

      • good to know that you have gained perspective. An artist should know how important that is. So nice to see you reaching for your dreams, understanding your will 😉
        Good luck with the job search, I know Adobe now has a subscription service, so once you land somewhere you can could opt in for that … Cheers!

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