dancing around the idea of sisterhood


Ever since a figure resembling the Virgin Mary saving my life during one of my worst nightmares, I’ve danced around the idea of sisterhood. The convent life tickles my curiosity and embraces me with warmth I can’t completely describe.

I know a type of sisterhood; I live it day to day. Yet there is a different kind of warmth and an unconditional profound understanding that they promise to provide. A promise by God. What I search for when I wake, before I lay, and in my sleep is that exactly. Verbatim, “God will provide” and through prayer and constant practice of my religious beliefs, what I want is peace of mind. I want to be disconnected from physical treasures. I don’t want to crave for fries, for a new external hard drive, and I don’t want to stress about getting a job I know will make me more unhappy. I don’t want money to be the defining factor for every decision that I make. I want freedom from the society that is comfortable with violence and pain.

A simple life without the constant drumming of my heart sedated by man’s medicine is what I seek.

Even if just for a year, a month or two or even a day,  it would be nice to have my mind consumed by only prayers and calmness.

I think about it once in a while. I entertain it by research and daydreaming. I wonder how life would be like surrounded by women with hearts open and ready to listen. There’s a lot to wonder about like their missions. And everything is nice on paper. It all sounds inviting and it feels like the right thing. Still, I only dance around the idea. I bookmark it for the next time it crosses my mind.

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