september 22

A lot of things happened and will happen to me/ in my life in the month of September. One of the first couple things I fall back to are the fifteenth and seventeenth when people important to my family or an individual in my family passed away. Then there was 9/11. After that, things sort of just blurred for me.

Just wake me up when September ends, right?

But today, other than the fall/ autumnal equinox, something good happened. Today, I became an official American with paper works and everything. It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to say that the place I’ve called home for more than half my life is truly now my home. I’m not torn between two different places (by belief, etc.) Now, the things that I support and believe in aren’t weird or a contemporary thought. It’s not that I’m young (which most likely contributes too) but that I’m also the way that I am partly because of the environment I lived in. People can look or should look past the idea that I don’t belong where I am now.

Congratulations to me and my family. (I also applied for my first U.S. Passport. Woot. That type of thing isn’t usually exciting but it was today.)


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