a strange question for a strange night

do you wear glasses?

eyeglasses. the kind you need to wear else you want to endanger people with your astigmatism or other things.

i’m looking for some round shaped eyeglasses.

i currently own rectangular ones. they’ve been great these few years but i find, they don’t cover enough for me. i’d like to try rounded ones now. so, i’ve been doing some research. EyeBuyDirect is my top choice but has anyone tried Warby Parker’s Try at Home? i’d like to try them on even if I won’t buy. just for fun, i suppose.

any recommendations to other sites/companies would be great too.

the less pricey the more ideal.

i prefer a plastic frame so that my local Costco store won’t be so mean to me when i go to bring them an outside-store frame. (i hear they can be very mean.) i spent about $180 for my first two. i’m just not about to spend somewhere around that prize for two more. no. no. i don’t have the money for that.

so please, help this still unemployed girl find the right glasses.


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