the first three chapters


I’m posting the first three very rough draft chapters of my story, are you listening? this is Georgiana which I’m writing under the penname Philomena Anne because I have fantasy stuff I’m using my real/artist name for.

Why am I posting it?

Uhm, well feedback for one and out of curiosity for another.

With all the personal problems I’ve been going through, I’m really glad that my writing endeavors haven’t been stunted like my art has been these past couple weeks. Hopefully, I finish this story inspired by my life soon next year.

I’m also thinking of continuing my Harry Potter Fanfiction here. I’m just iffy to make chapter posts since that’s not what I really do here for the blog. Still, writing is my focus here and my stories are one of my many ways of venting.

I have tons of stories running in my head by the way. It’s getting complicated getting them all separated. Most of it are thanks to my dreams. Too many ideas! And trying to decipher which ideas are worth keeping are just as complicated. Meh.

You can find the other ideas under The Girl like my fanfiction. If you’ve  been reading from the start, you’ll know some of the ones I have. It’s a long way to go to write so many stories but I’m in love with all of them. Whether I decide to try publishing them or not, I’m really excited to just have them running in my head.


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