ttoJ—Chapter One

Only a Dream

The feminine body under the sheet squirmed, uncomfortable with the sudden cool air she didn’t expect to come with summer. Heck, she didn’t think she needed a thick blanket but there she was, curling into a ball to keep the warmth within her.
A strange echoing sound finally woke Juniper up.

Her hand felt around for the edge of the bed, hoping to peek her hand out to test the weather outside of the little comfort of her sheets. Yehp. Cold greeted the tips of her fingers. She felt the smoothness of her bed sheet glide across her fingers, cool to the touch and cooler as her hand lingered outside. She could’ve sworn, last night upon going to bed that the weather man in the morning had promised heat close to the 80’s for the entire week, if not hotter. Why was this morning so cold?

“Hey sis,” she murmured with eyes half open, adjusting to the light seeping through her thin sheet.

No one responded to her call even after a few repetitions.

Another knock brought her senses to full gear. Her body jerked forward, propelling her to sit right up. Had she done it any fast, she’d have been whiplashed. Her face confirmed the cold weather.

“What’s with the knocking!” She turned her body towards the door to frown at whichever sibling decided knocking was a good idea. “Just come in,” she continued.

“It was your idea.”

An unfamiliar set of bluish green eyes, pale face, platinum blonde hair, and stoic expression greeted her beneath the threshold. Who invited the marble statue, she joked to herself. The boy stared back as unimpressed as she.

“Get dressed, mother and father want us at the hall.” He started to walk away and turned around to announce an afterthought. “And don’t wear that lacy dress you’ve been wearing these past few days. No matter how many times you have Elvina wash it, it’s still overused. I prefer to not stand next to a ghost. Wear,” he moved his hand in the air for emphasis, “the dark blue if you must wear something dark.”

She bit back a snide remark as she assessed her surroundings.

“Oh, honey, Toto, we definitely ain’t in Kansas,” she murmured.



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