Poem 96

tumblr_oh0duqn6iw1rlqdmro1_1280An Unusual Confession

sometimes, i find myself plopping down on the floor,
completely consumed with cravings
ready to bite off the head of the nearest creature,
it being my brother who sits innocently at the kitchen bar

i’m not into niceties,
especially on days my hand reaches for chocolate,
even when my motto is all about being kind.
i’d rather gorge my heart out

these days, they come monthly and out of schedule.
i dislike it as i gain water weight
and muscle pain for days on end.
there’s no helping the symptoms
unless painkillers came with other effects.

tea and water, slow on the caffeine
and try to exercise says my doctor,
while you try to ignore the prickling pins stabbing you.
don’t forget there’s clotting, bloating,
and ah, the beauty of feeling like everything’s falling




you’re not going crazy at all.

it’s normal.

take your meds and go to sleep.
have a bar of sweets and a piece of sugar
and trick your brain into thinking you’re okay
so when society sees you while you’re struggling,
you won’t look like a bitch bleeding profusely in secret.


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