stars align


Listen to the song. I promise it’s worth the while as you read.

Like promised, I’ve returned to talk a little about horoscopes and just what about them is so important for me.

As regularly as I can, I read tarot cards. I’ve been practicing since around 2011 and have since incorporated it in my life. To some people reading cards is evil or a real contradictory to going to church.

I’m first and foremost a spiritualist. Though I believe in God and was born a Catholic, I don’t consider myself a devout Catholic. I haven’t been one since I was in high school, definitely before tarots came into the picture. Unless you consider Card Captors as an influence, otherwise, let’s move on.

I don’t consider things like tarots, palm reading, or lighting candles as black magic. If you must consider them as magic, I’d categorize mine in the white magic area. Honestly though, no magic happening here. As for horoscopes and superstitions, I like to categorize them all in the same area.

Moving on…


Aquarius: Monachopsis– The subtle but persistent feeling of being out of place.”

You may not have known, but I’m an Aquarius as well as Metal Sheep.

More than Chinese Horoscopes, I love looking at astrology from my sign to the alignments of the planets. For me, it’s always fascinating to read about how the galaxy affects me, an insignificant cog in the wheel of life.

I’ve always found it to be on point and easily relatable in my life. So, I’ve not questioned the logic behind it. Ever. I don’t think I ever want to.

I don’t find myself living with limitations because of my horoscopes. The important part with reading horoscopes is that you don’t let it lead your life. Not everything is written in the stars. Stars are ever growing—bigger or smaller—and are therefore ever changing. Our futures, who we’re going to be,  it’ll also keep changing.

I truly believe that we write our own stories.

Aquarius: You’re the bottom of the ocean, reminding everybody that there is beauty in even the darkest of places. You tell people where your mind can sink to.

As dark as I may often feel, I have this belief I cling to that there’s a reason as to why I’ve fallen so deep into the crevices of all darkness.

Is it crazy to believe that I have a bigger purpose in life? I don’t fancy myself special, not in particular but I think that I’m meant to do things for others just the same as wonderful things have been done to me. A sort of payment, passing on the kindness.

With that though, I do have expectations of living a better life as if I deserve it.

And that’s why I read horoscopes. It lifts my spirit up, enables me to dream again, to hope for better even if better is far away.

Mostly, I like to read my horoscope about love, in all aspects—frienships and family included. I like knowing that the world has hopes for me too. It’s nice being wanted, loved, and cared for. The illusion that the world cares because certain planets aligned this winter season or the coming year is a lot like having the hope that God has given me these tests because he knows I can pass them. I’m not saying God is an illusion. Clearly, the world is not but the feeling of higher power and again, cared for, is so important in my life. It’s what I grew up with and it’s the grownup life I’ve been having.

I like being this spec of a thing that still has significance. I’m not just a cog in the wheel. I’m one of the many that helps it move along. Without me, there’s a chance it might not roll as well. (Obviously, there’s also the chance that it’ll keep going without me but let’s not be pessimistic.)

Feeling important is important.

tumblr_nmbparesfh1trz3y8o4_250 It’s so very important to be in a place of self-love and knowing how important you are to you. At the end of the day, I read the horoscope to reconfirm my love for myself. That no matter where life strings me along or how long it takes for me to get to my destination, it was the journey that truly mattered.

After all, the journey is all it takes to build a character.

Here’s what I leave you…


Now, off to watch it. I mean, come on. Just look at the way he responds to what she said. Merhhh I’m off to giggle… lol


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