le voyage

I’m trying to remedy a lot of my anxiety and bouts of depression in ways I enjoy. I liked my antidepressant that I had taken over the course of last year but find that I’m slowly wanting to ween off pills. In time, I’d also like to solve my Midol need.

Mostly, the journey will be about depression. I’ll try my best to record how I’m doing and what I’m doing. I know I’ve been missing every so often. I’d really love to get back to writing and painting again. 

A lot of what I’ll be doing is based on some research and recipes I’ve been collecting since I started two Octobers ago.


Aside from recipes and eating healthier, I’d like to get back to meditating, yoga, and Tai Chi so that in time I can get back to running and maybe even do 200 jump ropes like I did when I was 13. I’d also like to grow plants.

I’m honestly so elated by having PJ. He’s currently contracted Ich. I hit day 2 a couple hours ago and added the homemade “medicine”. In the last 12 hours, I’ve learned so much about Ich and other stuff, it’s crazy.

Anyway, I hope I get to grow my paperwhites better this time around. I’m really interested in starting a small herb garden… someday.

Here’s to adding to my hobbies! Hahaha. Well, it’s more to do with giving me sense of control and better care for myself if that makes sense.


3 thoughts on “le voyage

    • Rather than the actual reference, I instead remembered the old lady my parents used to take me and my siblings to when we get sick. She was an herbal doctor living quietly on a high altitude place. When I was younger rather than the “regular” medicine, we’d use local plants and other means to rid of ailments.

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