there’s no plan


I’m possibly moving my blog… uhh that’s a bit scary to say. The truth is, I’d like to incorporate more of my true self/ blogging self with my art. So, I’d like to post my poetry and short stories with my art. At the same time, it doesn’t sound that wise of a move. People who like my writing may not like my art or vice versa. So… upon thinking more about it, what I truly would like to get into is collecting all my wordpress¬†work and reworking it with my art blog.

My art blog? I’m currently working through it. I don’t have it done. I’ve purged all the original stuff that were on it so that I could start from scratch. I’m debating how to format it that I 1. won’t get tired of the design, 2. easily understood by newcomers, and thirdly has to be able to present my art and writing beautifully or at least doesn’t take away from the work. Continue reading