Dropping by

with a bit of news.


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I’ve got a lot of things I’m doing and finally feeling as if something is truly brewing in my pot of ideas and plans. So, if you like my art, please think of supporting me in my endeavor. I know WordPress is my writing platform but I do have my chapbook in the works with new art I’m doing for it. Plus this is also where I talk about everything. So, I thought it was still quite fit to advertise myself.

Be sure to follow me @dearphil.anne for short poetries, rants, and photographs on Instagram.

Seriously, things are feeling pretty good. I hope I didn’t just jynx myself.

Have a wonderful Thursday. I’m flying to the Philippines tonight so expect more writing! By the way, how’s Georgiana? Well, since you didn’t ask, lol, I’m on my eighth chapter and working steadily as possible. I’m truly excited to finish my not-so-biography-but-more-like-creative-non-fiction-to-fiction novel. xD

And check out my latest poem: this is 25. I’m almost at Poem 100, crazy!


Ps. I don’t drink coffee but tea is yummy!


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