cursive writing

My lengthy response to an article: HERE

They say it’s a lost art form as if the lack of cursive writing in schools can kill it.

It can’t be eradicated easily though I can see the points of those alarmed by the situation. As long as there are writers and artists, the art of cursive will never disappear. It is a fundamental skill for us and I speak that being both a writer and artist.

So here’s my two cents on the matter.

Though the next generation won’t all be taught the elegance of cursive or the beauty of knowing two ways to write, there will still be those few who will actively seek out learning cursive.
Does not learning it really hinder a child? Isn’t that like saying, those not artistically inclined or those who have no passion for the written word are less learned? I feel like it is. I mean, that’s probably not a popular opinion or thought even.

My brother hates reading novels, etc and cursive. He also sucks at both. Tbh. But he’s one of the smartest people I know personally. I don’t think cursive writing did anything for him. Even before going to school, his brain was already working 1+1 earlier than most children. Granted, his skills when it comes to anything literary developed late in life or rather, his interest for it did. Still, cursive did nothing… so, I don’t really see the argument there. But I’m not an educator and I actually really love cursive. (I love calligraphy as well and typography but remember I am a writer and artist.)

I just think, let those who want to learn it learn and don’t force it down everyone’s throat like it’s a life necessity. It really isn’t. (Is it? I’d like a point of view of someone who did the research cause I probably won’t. I mean, it’s still important to artists to learn it and it’ll always be because again calligraphy and typography asks for it. Even as digital work, knowing different styles helps designers. Sooo…)


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